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Nataly and Alessandra in “Lickable” for Joymii

Nataly and Alessandra in "Lickable" for Joymii

One girl lies exposed on the couch, on her back, ready for anything. Another girl squats over her, gently brushing a feather whip over the prone girl’s golden skin. Both are perfect specimens of youthful feminine beauty, and both are getting extremely hot playing their love games for the camera. As you watch Alessandra’s body writhe under the feather (which she will soon be using for far more penetrating acts), you can watch Nataly’s ripe round ass pulse and shimmer. You can imagine yourself there. You want to be there. You want to give them what a man could give them, to take their girlish games to the next level. For now, you can watch them do it themselves, but you can also imagine. They want you there. They are waiting. And with every coo and cry, they feel your firm presence.

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    Kitty and Jessie in “Sensual Babes” for Joymii

    Kitty and Jessie in "Sensual Babes" for Joymii

    Two totally sexy girls are hanging out on the bed. They’re both feeling a bit playful, but neither is quite sure if the other one is interested in what she’s interested in. It’s kind of awkward, you know, asking your friend if she’s “into kissing girls.” Of course, the best way to break the ice and perhaps discover a hunger for touch is…to have a pillow fight! So, that’s what they do, their breasts bobbling about everywhere, and spouting these girl giggles, and then all of a sudden, the kissing begins and it’s all good from there. Taking each other all the way, to the heights of ecstasy, Jessie and Kitty are a sapphic love duo you don’t want to miss!

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      Taylor in “Teasing Taylor” for Joymii

      Taylor in "Teasing Taylor" for Joymii

      Taylor loves to be teased. Sure, she likes to go deep and hard and all the way, but for her, a good time all starts with a good tease. You have to rub her back, stroke her ass, pull gently at her panties, arouse her with your mouth, and give her a very ginger taste of the bigger treats to come. Do this, and Taylor is going to get as wet as an April day. And that’s when you can move in for the fun stuff. Just get Taylor ready, and she’s eager for it all.

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        Caprice in “Hot Cutie” for Joymii


        Caprice is one of the most famous Internet models out there. She’s been taking it off and getting it on for what seems like almost a half decade now, and she’s only gotten hotter. She started as a young nympho, but she’s grown into a lusty young woman with lots and lots of erotic experience, much of it now at Joymii. There are few things finer than this smiling, open German honey getting horny and having an orgasm right in your screen, inviting you to come along for the entire ride. Caprice Uber Alles!

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          Sofia in “Meet Sofia” for Joymii

          Sofia in "Meet Sofia" for Joymii

          It’s always wonderful to meet a new girl. The first sensations, the incredible desire, the tender ripeness of her body as you see it and touch it for the first time. And when it’s Sofia, the experience can barely be described. This is one beautiful young woman, with abundant assets. Her large full breasts, her ripe round ass, and her wonderfully urgent little pussy are just waiting for you to dive in. As she rolls around on the carpet, hugging her pillows and going all the way with her horny hands, you can tell she’s thinking about you coming over and helping bring her to the top. Don’t leave your new friend waiting!

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            Sofia in “Shy Girl” for Joymii

            Sofia in "Shy Girl" for Joymii

            Shy girls are the best. They love to play like they’re hard to get, like they don’t know what they’re doing, like they’re not sure they want it. But once you get close to them, and give them a little whisper, they suddenly open up. And when they open up, there’s nothing sweeter. Take Sofia, for example. As you can see in this video, she’s a little shy and uncertain. But once Lutro shows up, he convinces her to try a little fun. And once things get going, Sofia goes wild. She wants to do everything. She wants to feel the ultimate pleasure. And Lutro is only too happy to oblige. This is a super passionate and intimate full-on sex scene with one shy hottie.

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              Taylor in “Huge Friend” for Joymii

              Taylor in "Huge Friend" for Joymii

              Taylor is a rather tiny girl, but she’s got a really, really big friend. She keeps him in a small glass box, and pulls him out when the urge really strikes. Here, you get to see the two of them spending some time together. It starts with Taylor warming and softening herself up, then she decides to get on the couch and open up her legs (which are deliciously graced with some black sheer stockings). It hardly gets any better than watching Taylor take her big toy deep into her wet pussy, and reach the very limits of ecstasy. Come along and join in the fun with Taylor and her Huge Friend.

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                Taylor in “In Your Dreams” for Joymii

                Taylor in "In Your Dreams" for Joymii

                What happens in your dreams? If it’s anything like what happens in this video, you’re a lucky man. Because here comes the volupuous, horny, and deliciously young Taylor Sands to give you the ride of a lifetime. She’s got a taste for your love, some sexy black panties, and a wink that will drive you wild. This video shows you everything you’d want to see from her, too, as she takes Lutro through a host of positions, culminating in the happiest ending of them all. It doesn’t get any hotter than Taylor Sands doing it on the bed. Welcome to your dreams.

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                  Josephine in “Lucky Man” for Joymii

                  Josephine in "Luky Man" for Joymii

                  Have you ever just sat and watched a beautiful, sexy woman pamper herself? Well, Den has, and that beautiful and sexy woman is Josephine. Turns out, she was pampering herself for him… and he could not be any happier. After rubbing lotion on her beautiful, supple breasts, she disrobes and immediately starts giving Den some very special attention. Den knows what this means and he is more than happy to oblige Josephine’s desires. Soon after, he returns the favor by licking her sweet, beautiful pussy… which she loves… a lot. Pretty soon, she’s on top of him, riding him… she loves being on top and Den loves it too! He also loves to fuck her from behind, which he does soon after. Yup, Den is definitely one lucky guy… come in and see why.

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